• Brand: pickyegg.com
  • Material: Natural Jade
  • Mining origin: Sinkiang
  • Width: 6.5mm
What you are watching is natural jade Ring, this ring DOES NOT contain any artificial or chemical color to make it green. In the scope of the wider universe, Jade is part of the green color ray, the most lush and verdant shade of green, a color that reflects the pristine vegetation of the tropics. Similar to plants and photosynthesis, the Jade properties harness the miracle of light that provides food for plants and their luscious gift of oxygen-rich greenery. The vibrant green variations of Jade are a symbol of growth and vitality, which makes it a stone that stands for wealth and longevity. And it's not all about the Benjamin's, because when Jade instills prosperity in every aspect of your life, you lead a richer, more fulfilling existence. After all, money can only buy so much happiness. The rest comes from within. So get in touch with the Jade stone meaning and go deep. Package include
  • 1 x ring
  • 1 x flannel bag