PickyEgg (PickyEgg.com) has a diversity of featured household essentials,Gadgets , Beauty & Personal Care, home appliances, Home ware and Fashion accessories. We dedicate to providing an enjoyable online shopping experience to our global customers especially the young and working population at home.

Our philosophy
With our 20 years procurement experience team , PickyEgg only picks the best quality products to our global customers. Zero (Eggs) – Zero tolerance for inferior products.

PickyEgg.com was establishe in Hong Kong since 2020, Within 2 years,PickyEgg Hong Kong memebrs growth to around 300K and sku has reached over 2000. In 2022 PickyEgg expands their network to global e-commerce . PickyEgg.com serves international customer with enjoyable online shopping experience. Hong Kong local users can use new platform Pickyegg.com.hk to keep the wonderful experience .


PICKYEGG.COM e-commerce platform and PickyEgg trade mark are under
Eggty Technology Limited

For institutions procurement , Corp Gift & wholesale, Free free to contact our customer service , we are happy to provide you a quote and unbeatable offer .